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David Beckham launches the world's first voice petition to end malaria

Today Malaria Must Die launches 'The Power of the Voice' campaign to get people to call on their leaders to end malaria.

In a new film produced by Ridley Scott Associates Amsterdam and R/GA London and using the latest AI tech developed by Synthesia, long-term malaria ambassador David Beckham speaks nine languages to get world leaders to listen to our message to end this deadly disease in the run-up to the Global Fund conference to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria this October.

After a year of exciting progress in the malaria fight, we’re back louder than ever with the world’s first voice petition against malaria. We need as many voices as possible to speak up and join Beckham’s call.

We know we can win the fight against the disease and we’re asking you to take part using your most powerful tool: your voice. For years, voices have spearheaded revolutions, helped create change, and made the world a better place. Now, it’s our turn to end malaria in our lifetime.

This is a crucial moment in the historic fight against the world’s oldest disease. In October this year, world leaders will make critical decisions at the Global Fund conference, which accounts for more than half of all malaria funding. Our objective is to make it loud and clear that strong political action is needed through a powerful and unified voice petition. 

Every voice counts, and we need as many voices as possible to get our demands heard: Malaria Must Die, So Millions Can Live. Join the voice petition. Speak up, say #MalariaMustDie


If you're from the media and would like more information please contact: Roz Hobley or Vicky Gashe at Malaria No More UK. / T: 0203 752 5855