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Thousands of voices can end malaria

You spoke up. We delivered your voice. And world leaders listened.

Today we celebrate the amazing news that the Global Fund has been fully replenished with $14bn for the next three years. This will help save 16 million lives, halve the mortality rate for AIDS, TB and malaria and build stronger health systems worldwide.

This brings us one step closer to achieving the ambitious goal set at last year’s Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting, to halve malaria across the Commonwealth by 2023, which will prevent 350 million cases of the disease and save 650,000 lives.

- James Whiting, CEO of Malaria No More UK

The Global Fund represents approximately 60% of malaria funding and is has proven to be an impactful humanitarian tool, with 131 million mosquito nets distributed and more than 32 million lives saved across the three diseases since 2002.

We couldn’t have achieved this feat without your amazing and constant support. Thousands of you responded to our voice petition, launched in April by David Beckham, using the power of your voice to demand that ‘malaria must die’. As promised, we delivered your voices to key decision makers to galvanise action and boost financial pledges. World leaders heard the call to step up the fight and have committed the full amount of investment needed.

Thank you for speaking up. Together, we can end malaria.