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Join in with World Mosquito Day 2020

Join in with World Mosquito Day 2020

It's here! World Mosquito Day 2020!

Today, on the anniversary of Sir Ronald Ross' discovery that mosquitoes transmit malaria, is an opportunity to spread the word that the fight against the world's most dangerous animal isn't over. Mosquitoes haven't been in lockdown during the pandemic. A child still dies every two minutes from something we can prevent, and end for good: malaria.

Now more than ever we must keep up the fight against killer diseases like malaria. Investment in malaria strengthens our health systems, helps us protect against COVID-19 and future pandemics, and builds a better, safer world for all of us. 

There is so much to get involved with this World Mosquito Day — join in with the Zero Malaria #MosquitoClapChallenge, or check out the Bigger Picture campaign with sports stars Eliud Kipchoge, Siya Kholisi, Saray Khumalo and Luis Figo. 


How to dance the #MosquitoClapChallenge! 
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