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David Beckham speaks to us from A World Without Malaria, at the moment that humankind has defeated the world’s oldest and deadliest disease – malaria.

We have defeated humankind’s oldest and deadliest enemy...Today we have ended malaria.

David is delivering us a message of hope, reminding the world of what we are capable of achieving when we unite together to fight diseases.

A world without malaria ultimately means a safer world for all of us. A world with a robust and resilient global health system is much better prepared to act against other diseases, including COVID-19, as well as to tackle future pandemics and health threats.

Against the backdrop of the on-going global disruption due to the far-reaching impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, the film reignites the belief that humankind is capable of uniting to defeat diseases, and in doing so we can create a safer, healthier, stronger world for us all, and for future generations. 

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