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Stop the swarm with our new AR filter

We’ve done it again. We’ve launched another world first. This time, the first ever AR filter to end malaria!

Our new AR filter, available on Facebook and Instagram, simulates how the power of your voice can help us end malaria. You’ve got a swarm of malaria-carrying mosquitoes all over your face. You try to move but they keep following you. How can you stop them? Just say “Malaria Must Die” to scare the swarm away.

But don’t stop speaking up or they’ll come back - just like malaria does.

The inspiration behind this is data that proves that malaria declines with increased action. But recently, global efforts have stalled and, for the first time, we’re seeing malaria cases surging in the most affected areas.

This is why we can’t sit back now. Join us in creating the loudest roar against malaria by using and sharing the Facebook AR filter. You can find it on or on the filter tray of the camera feature in your Facebook app, if you follow MalariaMustDie. To share your video follow the app instructions or save it on your camera roll and post it on all your platforms, using @malariamustdie. Done? Now, sign the voice petition!

And that’s not all! This week, during the UN General Assembly, Malaria Must Die will be coming to thousands of key locations in New York, where the public can take part in life-size interactive experiences and add their voices to help us end malaria. Together, we can be the generation to beat the oldest and deadliest disease that still threatens half of the world’s population.