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A World Without Malaria

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Look forward to a safer future

David Beckham delivers us a message of hope from the future in a malaria-free world. By defeating the world’s oldest and deadliest disease we can make a world that is stronger to fight other diseases and protect ourselves from future health threats

The Campaign

David Beckham is delivering a message of hope from a time in the future when we have ended one of the world's oldest and deadliest diseases – malaria.  

Against the backdrop of the Covid-19 pandemic, David Beckham is reigniting the belief that humankind is capable of uniting to defeat diseases - creating a safer, healthier, stronger world for us all, and for future generations.   

The fight is harder than ever, but we have the chance to change the course of history and end a disease that kills a child every two minutes.

Malaria must die so millions can live

Charlie Webster talks to David Beckham

Charlie Webster shares her story with David Beckham, talking about the trauma of getting malaria while cycling 3,000 miles from London to Rio de Janeiro for charity ahead of reporting on the Olympic Games in summer 2016.